Role - kubeinit_nfs

Role Documentation

Please, refer to the kubeinit_nfs role official docs for further information.

Role Defaults

This section highlights all of the defaults and variables set within the “kubeinit_nfs” role.

# All variables intended for modification should be placed in this file.

# All variables within this role should have a prefix of "kubeinit_nfs_"
kubeinit_nfs_debug: '{{ (ansible_verbosity | int) >= 2 | bool }}'
kubeinit_nfs_hide_sensitive_logs: true

Tasks files

This section highlights all the documentation available in the tasks files.

Task file: main.yml - Deploy a network share


The NFS-client provisioner is part of the Kubernetes Incubator project. In a Kubernetes cluster,
this provisioner runs in a container that mounts an NFS export from an existing NFS server—it does not
run an NFS server itself. With the container, it listens for PVCs that match its storage class, creates
directories within the NFS export, and reports each directory to Kubernetes as a persistent volume.
Kubernetes can then mount the volume into a container that uses the volumes from that PVC.


- name: Configure NFS
    name: kubeinit.kubeinit.kubeinit_nfs
    public: true
  when: "'nfs' in"

Molecule Scenarios

Molecule is being used to test the “kubeinit_nfs” role. The following section highlights the drivers in service and provides an example playbook showing how the role is leveraged.

Scenario: default

Driver: docker:
Example default playbook
- name: Converge
  hosts: all
  # roles:
  #   - role: "kubeinit_nfs"
  - name: Message for "kubeinit_nfs"
      msg: Finishing molecule for "kubeinit_nfs"